Psychic Medium & Master Teacher



Beginners Psychic Development

Everyone is born psychic.. But not everyone knows how to develop those gifts. This is a class that will help you to open to the gifts that are naturally within you. You will learn about your chakras and how to open them, help in learning to mediate, learn the difference from your inner voice and you ego voice, and start understand the cut instincts that we all have but seldom act upon. This is an 8 week class with homework, once a week meeting via zoom and evaluation at the end of the class.  


Cost $150.00


Intermediate Psychic Mediumship Development

Who is ready to chase their dream? In intermediate we delve deeper into the senses and build deeper connection of trust with energy and spirit. This course takes the beginner to the next level. Learning to receive more details and building trust within yourself and the information you receive. Understanding the process of doing readings and putting it into practice.

Class runs for 7 lessons – with 8 online sessions, via zoom

Cost $225.00


Advanced Psychic Development

This course is all psychic. Pushing you out of your comfort zone to connect on a deeper level, learning different techniques to connect, learning to connect to energy, your guides, your own soul for a deeper connection. And so much more.You will be practicing the different techniques each week in a circle designed for you and your classmates. This course is for the advanced student or one wanting to take their abilities to the advanced level.This course is intended for people who are looking for psychic services to be more than a hobby.This course is 6 lessons, 12 weeks over zoom, with homework emailed bi-weekly.


Cost $325.00


Advanced Mediumship Development

Are you ready to connect to loved one’s past? Learn to anchor spirit in and develop a way of communicating without simply waiting for getting what spirit gives you. Learn how to decern what is information that is meant for the reading. Learn different connections to spirit. This course will push you to connections you have dreamed of.You will have plenty of time to practice with live readings and a weekly circle with other students.  The course is designed for the person that is moving into an advanced level or already there.


Cost $325.00


Certification Psychic Mediumship Retreat

Ever wanted to spend 3 full days with others of like mind. During the time of the course, we start at 9:00am and finish at 5:00pm for each day. We do daily mediations designed to take you deeper and receive messages for yourself from your guides and loved one’s.

Each day we follow a curriculum designed to continue delving deeper into the psychic and mediumship connections. You will have multiple sessions of readings with your fellow students, along with assessments written by them on each reading.

On the last day is testing day. Each student does 3 readings for people they have never met. A psychic, a mediumship, and a hybrid reading. Each reading is timed and must be no shorter then 45 minutes and yes, the sitter does fill out an evaluation form.  Along with an ethics test for psychic mediumship. Certification does depend on all the evaluations and testing.

This is an intensive course.

This course is for those that have taken the Advanced courses with myself or another instructor.

Cost – $ varies on location of the retreat.

Mentorships $750.00

Learn as you go

Ever hear that everyone is psychic but not everyone is a medium? Ever wonder if those voices you heard are real? Or that image out of the corner of your eye is really there? Were your childhood friends really imaginary?  This is the class to find out the answers to those questions. Here you will learn to mediate – open your mind to spirit, learn about your chakras and how to open them, spiritual self care, meet your guides, get to know your claires. This is a 8 week course. There is weekly homework, a circle every week to practice what you have learned, a chat set up for the students to talk together, and an evaluation at the end.


circles $20.00

DeEtte offers online circles for those that want to a place to develop their intuitive/medium gifts. A working medium is in the circle to help those to connect and and offer guidance. Circles are on various days and times throughout the week. Please contact for more information. Circles are $20.00 a circle.