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Psychic vs Medium


A psychic is someone that connects to the person that is being read for. They are able to feel the energies of a person or object and are able to obtain knowledge of the persons past, present, and future. Everyone is psychic to some degree.


​A medium is someone that is able to raise their vibration and communicate with those that have passed over, serving as a conduit between the physical and spiritually worlds. They hear, see, and feel spirit. And relay their messages to their loved ones through the medium.

Medical Intuitive

A medical intuitive is someone that is psychic and is able to feel in their body symptoms of the person they are reading for. A medium who is also a medical intuitive feels the symptoms of the spirit that has passed over, which may include medical issues they had while alive or symptoms related to their passing.

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Listen every Monday morning to Schooled Thru Spirit with Host DeEtte Ranae. DeEtte provides you with weekly guests to discover various forms for healing mind, body, spirit and variety of techniques to advance your gifts.   Join her as she delves into the world of the unseen and be schooled by spirit, on your journey called life.

Intuition… gut feelings…using the third eye… these are all filtered through our human bodies; however, some bits and pieces of spirit information get left behind.  Welcome to Unfiltered!  Host DeEtte Ranae is an unfiltered psychic medium who is here to give you messages from spirit with no holds barred… DeEtte Ranae says it as she receives it. Tune in to live readings and messages from spirit on this amazing live reading show with DeEtte Ranae.


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DeEtte is continuously striving for her continued growth and the growth of others. She offers an array of avenues for spiritual development and healing.. You will not only find yourself and your path in life but also a place of like minded people.. All classes and circles are offered online and at hosting sites. Watch for upcoming in – person classes. 

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